How to Make Money with Your Blog – The Beginners’ Guide

Are you struggling to make a dime with your blog? You can rake it in with greater ease if you follow simple steps persistently.

Make Money BloggingThe main problem with entrepreneurs who attempt to monetize their blog is this: they give up.

They refuse to take proven steps each day, for a period of months, to successfully generate money. This gig demands a steep learning curve.

If you do not stick around to take the curve and ride it out, you will likely fail to make more than a few dollars with your blog.

Making money online with blogging proves to be easy when you adopt an attitude of service. Help people with your blog posts. Listen to your target market. If you can craft solutions to your niche’s pressing problems, you will easily be able to generate money with your blog.


Monetize your blog from Day 1. Many newbie bloggers make the vital mistake of ignoring monetization. The only way you make money online is by opening up channels through which many can flow.

Consider Google Adsense as a steady means of building passive income each month. You can upload widgets to your self-hosted WordPress blog, or if you use blogger, you can add pre-designed gadgets which will help you earn through Adsense.

Other methods of monetizing include affiliate marketing, network marketing or offering social media consulting services. Whatever the way make sure your readers know from Day 1 that you are a professional, and this means opening up income channels through your blog.

Create Content Which Solves Problems

Creating content is not good enough. Anybody can do that. Now, creating content which solves problems, this is a real secret to online success, for people who become problem solvers make money with their blog.

ABS= Always Be Solving!

Listen in on social networks, niche specific forums and tune into popular blog posts from authorities within your niche. What are people discussing about or complaining about? What do people from your niche need help with?

Be the person to provide the help via your timely, relevant content, and you will get more clicks on your ads as your traffic increases. You will attract more customers. You will partner up with more team members. All these neat things happen because you created content which solved problems.

The listening part is beyond critical, and it makes the difference between people who are successful in making money online and those who fail. Why? How can you know which problems to solve unless you are listening carefully for these problems?

This is where your due diligence comes in. Close your mouth. Open up your ears and eyes.

Do this persistently, visiting relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and tune into what the cyber chatter centres on.

You would be amazed how much better your content becomes when you merely decide to listen in to the problems of your target market.


Persisting separates all money making bloggers from those who earn pennies or nothing. The persistent blogger finds out all they need to know, and more, by keeping at it for a sustained period of time. It will not always be easy, as the going will seem so hard in the beginning. You will need to acquire information and act immediately, and when you act, you will find yourself in uncomfortable situations.

Keep going. By persisting, you will gain a positive rep. You will become a go-to guy or gal in your niche, and you will make money with your blog.