3 Main Differences Between Veneers and Dental Implants

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures are more permanent and expensive, but they can also yield fantastic results. Veneers and implants are two examples of these long-term dental repair solutions. When applied, both veneers and implants produce very natural-looking results. But, there are significant differences between them.

1. What Dental Problems Do They Solve?

Veneers are recommended for patients who are unhappy with the overall appearance of their teeth. If you are suffering from chips, cracks, significantly decayed teeth, or gaps, veneers are probably your best option. Check out Park Slope cosmetic dentistry services if you think you might be a good candidate.

If you are missing teeth, dental implants might be your best answer. However, implants have a visible metal root so you might not want to use them to replace front teeth.

2. What Will the Dentist Do During the Procedure?

During the veneer application process, thin layers of medical-grade resin, porcelain or ceramic will be placed on the surface of your teeth. This material is easy to mold into ideal shapes and sizes. The last step is bonding, which secures the veneers using intense light.

For implants, your dentist will insert a screw into the jaw and attach the implant to the bone socket of the missing tooth. Eventually, the tissue and bone surrounding the implant will heal together, stabilizing the implant.

3. Will They Need To Be Replaced?

On average, you can expect veneers to last 7 to 15 years. But you’ll need to watch them for staining, chipping and other issues that affect your natural teeth.

Implants should last a lifetime. Once the titanium root material fuses to your jawbone, they will not move because unlike real teeth, they are immune to decay and periodontal disease.

Both veneers and implants are expensive, but the results may be well worth the investment. To get more information about veneers, implants or other procedures, seek referrals or search for cosmetic dentists in your area so you can get a consultation. 

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