Beauty Clinic: “Make Your Skin Beautiful”

Beauty is synonymous with women. The need for women in cosmetics grows buildings and specialists who deal with skin problems such as acne, black spots, scars and so on. Nowadays beauty clinics are here to facilitate women and men who want treatment for their facial skin to be healthy and well-maintained. So that “Make Your Skin Beautiful” becomes a very selling sentence for a leading beauty clinic.

What is the meaning of beauty itself?

Beauty is a relative thing, but almost all beauty clinic billboards form the concept of beauty by posting a female model with long black hair, white skin, smooth and spotless clean. As Naomi Wolf said in her book “Myths of Beauty when Beauty Oppresses Women”, she emphasizes the role of capitalists, media, power and patriarchal culture which forms the myth of beauty to corner women in the public and political sphere. Women here look passive because they accept market movements.

Do you need to visit a beauty clinic?

Beauty clinic is a place that facilitates consumers for facial skin care. In the past, before the existence of beauty clinics, the existence of beauty salons was the first to pamper men and women. Because apart from caring for your hair, the salon also facilitates full body care from head to toe such as body scrubs, milk baths, facials and nail care.

There are also many dermatologists found in hospitals, they are experts who are able to cure all skin diseases such as burns, tinea versicolor, remove scars, acne and so on. A beauty clinic comes with a combination of a salon and a dermatologist. Talking a little about Dermatologists, not a few of them do research to find products. Vial Dermatology CRO is here to assist you in reorganizing the clinical research for the dermatologists out there.

The high number of salon consumers who do facials also use facial skin products that can remove blackheads, acne and even whiten the skin as material objects that can attract the attention of the market, which is a majority of women.

With the increasing level of activity and the need for women in cosmetics, beauty clinics with modern technology are now available to facilitate women and men who experience problems with their skin such as acne, eye bags, lip skin, black spots or patches due to sunburn without have to experience the risk of skin damage due to experimenting with beauty products on the market.

By using advanced technology, skin specialists and self-made products, is a composition that currently complements consumer satisfaction in meeting the needs of care for skin beauty problems, especially the face. The shape of a beauty clinic is a mediation for consumers to carry out activities that are a process of being beautiful, with the presence of skin specialists as a form of the clinic’s responsibility if something goes wrong.

Beauty Clinic Billboard

A clean, smooth face without blemishes, who doesn’t want to? The proof is that many women flock to beauty outlets, or to beauty clinics to get cleaner and smoother skin.

The sentence above reaffirms that the aim of the slogan “Make Your Skin Beautiful” is to get skin that is cleaner, smoother, without blemishes. So that the goal of women who consume cosmetics beauty clinic products is answered, namely to achieve a beauty that is produced by the media.

Advertising has a very big influence on the formation of public consumption, as well as the beautiful image formed by television commercials selling beauty products, always using young female models who look beautiful and fresh.

People’s lifestyle cannot be separated from advertising. Nowadays, lifestyles are becoming more numerous, varied and floating freely. Not only limited to certain class society, but includes all classes and generations.

But the beauty clinic is divided into several parts of the market segmentation. As for the student class and the working class. This is related to the nominal price of treatments and creams that must be issued.

Prevents Premature Aging

Health issues are now attacking something that makes women feel scared. That is the fear of getting old. We can see that there are many cosmetic advertisements that promote anti-aging creams that can reduce wrinkles on the face so that they can continue to look younger.

The ideal concept raises bad claims on promising cosmetics, such as anti-aging creams that promise to remove signs of age, renew the inner layers of skin that are all physically impossible. It becomes more rational when Beauty Clinics can help prevent premature aging compared to treating aging.

The ideal concept becomes a beauty myth. However, currently the myth of beauty has become pluralism, even though Beauty Clinics exist as a mediator or mediation for consumers towards beauty brought by the media, they are trying to correct that beauty does not have to be white.

Beauty Clinic’s goal is to maintain and treat skin to be clean, smooth and without blemishes.


In a consumer society, there are at least three forms of power that operate behind the production and consumption of aesthetic objects, namely the power of capital, the power of producers, and the power of the mass media. These three forms of power along with the knowledge that supports and the process of forming them in various social practices determine the ideal form of beauty, as well as its production and consumption.

This proves the validity of the theory of Adorno, Horkheimer, and Marcuse that, the tastes of the people are regulated by the producers through certain standardization, thus making them the mute masses, and on the contrary, strengthening the existing order of production and the dominant ideology (bourgeois ideology).

With advertisements featuring top models and artists, with different lifestyles, physiques, skin tones, it all offers fun and convenience. The power that allows individuals to determine what they want determines their position in capitalist discourse.

As if it was our own choice without coercion, but the reality is the opposite. That people’s tastes are governed by producers with beautiful standards shaped by the media.

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