Do Not Underestimate Thin and Sparse Baby Hair

Every parent would want the best conditions for their children. One of them is the child’s hair, which grows thick and beautiful. Unfortunately, some babies’ hair is thin and sparse when they are born. In some cases, this may just be the norm. But in some other cases, it can indicate a serious condition.

Causes of thin and sparse baby hair

Hair loss in children is a common occurrence. Just like adult hair, children’s hair also has a telogen phase.

What is the telogen phase?

The telogen phase is the resting phase that occurs in the hair. Where the hair is losing. About 6-8% of the total hair is in this phase at any one time. About three months into the telogen phase, hair falls out and new ones grow in their place.

The thickness of the baby’s hair is a combination of genetic, ethnic and hormonal factors. Baby’s hair basically starts to develop when she is 5 months in the womb and will fall out by itself when she is 4 months after birth. Replaced with new hair that follows the hair pattern of his parents.

The process of growing baby’s hair generally starts when he is 6 months old and lasts until he reaches the age of a toddler.

There are also some babies born with the back of the head that looks bald. How did it happen? The reason is because the friction between the head and pillow can cause bald spots. However, the point of baldness will disappear by itself when your little one starts to get on his stomach.

How to thicken baby hair

Seeing a baby shampoo commercial on television starring a baby with thick, healthy-looking hair does not rule out the possibility of making parents curious about how to make baby’s hair thick.

Actually, it is important to understand, like growing children, hair growth in every child is not the same. So, you don’t have to worry excessively or compare one another. There are still many ways you can do so that your baby’s hair grows thick, including the following:

1. Provide adequate nutrition

One way to make baby’s hair grow thick is to pay attention to good nutritional intake for children. That way the substances needed by children, especially for hair growth, will be fulfilled.

Make sure the intake of breast milk and complete nutritional content such as eggs, vegetables, fruits are fulfilled properly.

2. Cut your little one’s hair regularly

Not a few parents are hesitant to cut their child’s hair, which still looks short and so thin. In fact, cutting hair regularly is one way to keep the baby’s scalp clean and healthy so that it can accelerate the growth of baby’s hair.

Wash baby’s hair regularly. Use warm water so that the baby stays

3. Routinely apply hazelnut oil

Since the first hazelnut is believed to have many benefits for hair fertility. Not only for adults, the benefits of candlenut oil for babies are rarely known to people. Besides being able to discolor hair, hazelnut is also useful for thickening hair. How to make it is not difficult, burn a few candlenuts to release the oil, then rub the oil on your baby’s hair.

4. Massage your baby’s scalp

Gently massage your hands on the baby’s head is an easy step to thickening baby’s hair. This type of treatment can increase blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Give a gentle massage with a duration of 30 seconds each time. You can add essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, and others.

5. Use aloe vera

Aloe vera is also very beneficial for the treatment of bay hair and scalp, so many people use aloe vera as a way of naturally thickening baby’s hair. This is because the use of aloe vera in baby hair is relatively practical and the results are quite satisfying. You can easily find the benefits of Aloe vera or aloe vera in some baby shampoo products.

6. Use coconut oil

It is not uncommon for coconut oil to be used as a natural ingredient for hair and scalp care for adults. You can also apply coconut oil to your little one’s hair, you know. It’s also easy, you can make it yourself at home by boiling coconut milk until the oil comes out, then rubbing coconut oil on the baby’s head while giving it a gentle massage.

7. Pay attention to the shampooing schedule

One of the causes of thin and easy baby hair to fall is frequent washing of the hair. Apparently, washing your little one’s hair often can cause his scalp to become dry. Especially if the shampoo product is not used properly.

8. Use conditioner

Conditioner is a great shampoo supplement that can be used to treat children’s hair growth. You can make it yourself at home using safer and more potent ingredients. The trick, mix half a cup of extra virgin olive oil with half a cup of pure honey. If you want something more practical, use a special hair lotion for babies that has received a license from the dermatology clinical trial site and is very easy to find on the market. Keep in mind, make sure you are selective in choosing products so that they are safe for use by your little one.

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