Everything You Need To Know When Wearing A Concealment Gear

Concealment gear is a good choice for anyone who wants to hide their gun while not being seen. Among the popular options of concealment gear is a thigh holster or sleeveless vest. In this article, you’ll learn the benefits and drawbacks of each. Of course, it’s best to use a concealed carry gun to prevent the occurrence of a free chokehold.

Should you wear concealment gear?

When carrying a gun, one of your most important decisions is what clothing to wear. Choosing the right clothing can affect your ability to access your weapon in times of stress quickly. For instance, it’s not advisable to wear a t-shirt when carrying a concealed weapon. Similarly, heavy clothing can obscure the shape of your gun. Wearing a medium-weight fabric is your best bet. However, if you’re living in a colder climate, you might want to wear a heavy shirt and pants to practice drawing. The waistband of your pants should be one to two inches wider than your normal size.

Unlike women, men have great fashion options. But tactical clothing can attract unwanted attention. To avoid this, try to avoid clothing with a “military” look. Instead, embrace a lumberjack or outdoorsy look. Flannels are acceptable in cooler climates, while long sleeve shirts and loose cotton shirts will attract little attention. In addition, you should avoid patterned clothing, which can attract unwanted attention.

Contrary to popular belief, buying oversized shirts to carry concealed weapons is unnecessary. Not only will your oversized shirt chafe against your skin, but it will also make it difficult to conceal your gun. An undershirt will protect the finish of your gun by keeping sweat away. 

Should you wear a sleeveless vest?

A sleeveless vest is a great choice for concealment if you want to be discreet. The open design is more flattering than the usual long, wide-sleeved vest. Those with a smaller bust or a lower-body build may prefer a toned vest. These can be layered under a blazer or sweater or worn on their own as a casual outer layer.

Should you wear a thigh holster?

Thigh holsters are a great option if you intend to carry a handgun but are concerned about revealing your firearm. These holsters can be hidden in a sublayer of body shaping compression and are not visible when you’re sitting down. In addition, a high waistline and a smooth finish around the base of the thigh prevent the holster from rolling up during walking or running. One of the benefits of a thigh holster is that it puts your handgun near your hips and provides fast access to your weapon. It also ensures an easy draw. But this holster does have its downsides. 

Single-leg holsters are best suited for people carrying small guns. Single-leg holsters usually feature thicker straps that wrap around your thigh once. A thigh holster with a single strap is easy to wear and will help keep your gun secure. Tighten the holster properly to avoid sidearm sloshing.

Thigh holsters have various disadvantages, including being unpleasant. As a result, some persons may prefer a drop leg holster. These holsters are normally more comfortable, but they might impede your mobility. Therefore, consider the pros and cons of each if you’re looking for a thigh holster for concealment. A drop leg holster can provide excellent concealment without compromising comfort.

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