Launch An Ecommerce Nutraceutical Website

Nutraceuticals Are A Booming Business

Health & Fitness is a booming business and nutraceuticals: consumables that contain additives or ingredients with wellness or medicinal benefits, are knocking sales out of the park. However, rapid growth also means increased scrutiny and rising competition, both of which put more pressure on retailers and manufacturers to reach consumers with effective sales and marketing strategies.

These areas particularly stand out as critical keys to dominating the online space. Unfortunately, because of its complexity, a lot of ecommerce businesses struggles to get traction.

Selling Vitamins & Nutraceuticals Online

Selling vitamin nutraceuticals online was quite difficult several years ago as consumers using the products were few and were purchasing from the mainstream stores. However, the market has shifted and many consumers nowadays purchase their vitamin nutraceuticals online. This makes it possible for any new supplement manufacturer or business to sell their products with relative ease.

Even though it’s quite easy to get these products online, launching an ecommerce nutraceutical website and ensuring that the sales start rolling in is not that simple. If you want to launch an ecommerce nutraceutical website, then you will need to do quite a bit of research. There are numerous regulations, product lines, and guidelines.

Find a Nutra Drop Shipper – Reduce Inventory Needs

Instead of investing money and time formulating your own line of vitamin nutraceuticals, find a drop shipper. The primary benefit of drop shipping is that it reduces the need for inventory and allows you to market and sell the products online without having to store them.

Drop shipping is a very popular business model, particularly for new entrepreneurs. Since you don’t need to handle or stock the items you are selling, it is possible to start the business with limited funds. However, partnering with the right drop shipper is important. So, it is recommended that you conduct proper due diligence. Here is a popular Nutraceutical Drop Shipper. Most drop shippers are situated overseas, making communication very important, both in terms of the ability to understand each other as well as the response speed.

There are lots of information resources that can help you find the right drop shipper, from tech and business blogs to subreddits about drop shipping and more.

Get A Merchant Account for Nutraceutical Payments

Even though nutraceuticals are quite popular, unfortunately nutraceutical vendors are usually identified as high-risk merchants. This means the fees for payment processing are much higher as well as the costs of other services. Furthermore, some credit card processing companies refuse to work with nutraceutical vendors due to them being classified as high-risk. So, you will need to do plenty of research to find the merchant processor for nutraceutical payments.

It is recommended that you seek merchant processors that have a reputation for dealing equitably and fairly with the businesses they partner with. Here is a popular Merchant Account For Nutraceuticals. This includes offering easy to understand billing practices, transparent and fair pricing, excellent customer support, and not requiring you to commit to lengthy contracts to get started.

Following are some other things you should look for when choosing a merchant processor for nutraceutical payments:

  • Understanding of how your business operates
  • Experience dealing with merchants in the nutraceuticals industry
  • Chargeback mitigation programs

Scalable services and pricing to grow with your business and meet your needs along the way

Using Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Sales

Like with social media, pay-per-click marketing can help a launching ecommerce website find customers at a time when few have heard of it. PPC ads provide the benefit of being highly targeted, allowing you to reach customers who are on websites with interests similar to yours. Furthermore, the platform is intended to convert potential customers into sales leads and not just customer engagement. Here is the most popular PPC, Google Adwords.

When done properly, pay-per-click marketing offers great ROI. When you create a new PPC campaign for your nutraceutical ecommerce website, you can quickly discover how effective (or ineffective) it is by using multivariate testing.

Following are the key factors that you should consider when creating a successful pay-per-click campaign:

  • Create a high converting authoritative landing page
  • Optimized ecommerce nutraceutical business title
  • Targeted nutraceutical business marketing ad campaigns
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Using multivariate to test your PPC campaigns

Final Thoughts

Launching an ecommerce nutraceutical website can be the beginning of great things for a nutraceutical vendor. However, most vendors and manufacturers are aware that selling vitamin nutraceuticals online can be tricky. The above tips will help you hit the ground running with the launch of your ecommerce site. By using internet marketing wisely, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to get your website moving at optimal speed.


Mark Sands

Mark Sands is the co-founder of HRMA-LLC, a leader specializing in high risk merchant account and ach processing. Mark enjoys writing on entrepreneurial topics with startup entrepreneurial challenges in mind.

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