Men’s Health Fitness Editor Andrew Tracey Takes on 24 Hero WODs in 24 Hours

Photo Credit: Callum Tracey (IG: @sportsdaymedia)

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Men’s Health fitness editor Andrew Tracey is about to take on a monumental task. He will complete 24 CrossFit Hero WODs in a 24-hour timeframe for the fourth year, but he will add in an ultra-marathon as an extra challenge, according to a profile originally published in Men’s Health.

The details: Tracey will start the Herculean endeavor in rural Essex at 10 a.m. local time on Saturday, November 20. He will complete all 24 Hero WODs by 9 a.m. local time on Sunday, November 21. Tracey will tick off miles between each of the CrossFit workouts to reach his ultimate goal of completing an ultra-marathon. 

  • Tracey will not simply complete these workouts in a gym. Each portion of the ultra-marathon will continue a journey between Stansted and Stratford. His Hero WODs will take place at different locations along the route. 
  • Tracey’s final workout — Murph — will take place in East London’s Olympic Park. 

Tracey will start with the 100 muscle-ups of James Prosser before taking on Nate, which includes even more muscle-ups. The schedule continues with Hidalgo, Jerry, DT, Ricky, Mead, Bert, Joseva, Oz, Burgess McLaren, Bolger, Smudge, and Jordan.

Tracey will complete nine more Hero WODs on Sunday to cap off the schedule. The list is The Chief, Heidi, Jones, Jay, Sham, Jenny, Randy, Joseph Grzelak, and Murph. 

Raising money for charity: Tracey will complete this task to raise money for Pilgrim Bandits, the organization whose motto — “Always a little further” — originally inspired this task in 2018. Those who want to support Tracey as he takes on the Hero WODs can donate directly to Pilgrim Bandits.

Pacing is critical: Tracy’s past efforts to complete 24 Hero WODs in 24 hours have always included a mix of longer workouts and shorter, intense ones. The mix would provide him with extra time every few hours to refuel and recharge. The 2021 iteration is a different beast.

  • Tracey will have to complete two or three miles between each workout to chip away at the ultra-marathon distance. If a Hero WOD takes 50 minutes, he will only have 10 minutes to get this distance in before starting the next workout. 

“Discomfort is not found within the four walls of a gym,” Tracey told Men’s Health. “That’s just a little bit of hard work… This is about putting myself in an unknown situation where I can’t stop. And this year, more than ever, will reflect that, because there’ll be real consequences to slowing down. It’s s— or bust. You either make it to the next one, or you don’t.”

The WODs and schedule: Courtesy of Men’s Health.

10am: James Prosser

11am: Nate

  • 20-minute AMRAP:
    2 muscle-ups
    4 handstand press-ups
    8 kettlebell swings

12pm: Hidalgo

  • 2-mile run
    20 cleans
    20 box jumps
    20 walking lunges
    20 box jumps
    20 cleans
    2-mile run

1pm: Jerry

  • 1-mile run
    2000-metre row
    1 mile run

2pm: DT

  • 5 rounds:
    12 deadlifts
    9 hang cleans
    6 push jerks

3pm: Ricky

  • 20-minute AMRAP:
    10 pull-ups
    5 dumbbell deadlifts
    8 push-presses

4pm: Mead

  • 20-minute AMRAP:
    30-foot rope climb
    100-metre partner carry

5pm: Bert

  • 50 burpees
    400-metre run
    100 push-ups
    400-metre run
    150 walking lunges
    400-metre run
    200 air squats
    400-metre run
    150 walking lunges
    400-metre run
    100 push-ups
    400-metre run
    50 burpees

6pm: Joseva

  • 15-12-9 @ bodyweight:
    Bench press
    Power clean

7pm: Oz

8pm: Burgess

9pm: McLaren

  • 20-minute AMRAP:
    3 thrusters
    5 box jumps
    7 press-ups

10pm: Bolger

  • 5 rounds:
    400-metre run
    25 air squats
    Carry sandbag

11pm: Smudge

  • 3 rounds:
    5 muscle-ups
    10 squat cleans
    20 sit-ups

12am: Jordan

  • 100 kettlebell swings
    100 sit-ups
    100 air squats
    100 push-ups

1am: The Chief

  • 5 x 3-minute AMRAP:
    3 power cleans
    6 push-ups
    9 air squats

2am: Heidi

  • 23-minute AMRAP:
    23 air squats
    23 push-ups
    23 kettlebell swings
    23 lunges
    23 sit-ups
    23 box jumps

3am: Jones

  • 30-minute AMRAP:
    400-metre run
    30 air squats
    400-metre run
    15 push-ups
    400-metre run
    30 burpee broad jumps

4am: Jay

  • 20-minute AMRAP:
    22 air squats
    12 toes-to-bar
    9 burpees

5am: Sham

  • 7 rounds:
    11 deadlifts
    100-metre sprint

6am: Jenny

  • 20-minute AMRAP:
    20 overhead squats
    20 back squats
    400-metre run
    *run with barbell

7am: Randy

8am: Joseph Grzelak

  • 100 kettlebell swings
    EMOM perform 2 burpees

9am: Murph

  • 1-mile run
    100 pull-ups
    200 push-ups
    300 squats
    1-mile run
    * wear weighted vest

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