New dentist working at Havre Dental Group

Havre Dental Group just got a new dentist in Dr. Autumn Chapman, who’s hiring in July has allowed the practice to start accepting new patients for the first time in quite a while.

Chapman and her family, husband, Nate, and daughter Kaisley, age 1 1/2, moved to Havre recently so she could start her new position, but she has spent plenty of time here in the past, including during a summer job as a dental assistant at Havre Dental Group, working there with her grandfather Dr. Gerald Olson of Havre Dental Group.

“I’ve been coming up here pretty much my whole life,” she said.

She said because she’s spent so much time in Havre and is now working with her grandfather, the transition into the job and new home has been fairly easy.

Chapman graduated from dental school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in May, having received her bachelor’s degree in physiology from the University of Wyoming years before.

She said she’s no stranger to living in a small town, having graduated high school with only nine other students, but coming to such a small practice after the hustle and bustle of dental school has required some adjustment.

She said she’s also had to adjust to having more freedom and authority in her new position. But having her grandfather’s wisdom and experience so close at hand, as well as a supportive staff in general, have made things easier in her new position.

Chapman said she fell in love with the profession during her months working with Olson after shifting away from previous aspirations to be a veterinarian.

She said working in an environment where so many animals had to be put to sleep every day was just not for her, but dentistry ended up being an excellent alternative.

“One summer was all it took and I just fell in love with it,” she said.

Chapman said she hasn’t had much of a chance to do any sightseeing because of work, and wasn’t able to do any hunting or fishing this summer but is looking forward to it in 2022, along with more of an opportunity to explore the Bear Paw Mountains.

With another physician on staff Havre Dental Group will be accepting more patients, and Chapman said people can just call if they want an appointment.

She said the practice has also had the chance recently to upgrade to digital x-rays, which are more efficient and require less radiation.

She said traditional film x-rays don’t require much radiation either, but less is always better.

Chapman also said she will also be offering invisalign treatments soon as well.

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