Laser techniques for dental hygienists: Herpetic lesions and desensitization

Laser techniques for dental hygienists: Herpetic lesions and desensitization

Together with laser-assisted periodontal remedy (LAPT) and laser bacterial reduction (LBR), there are a few other important strategies that dental hygienists can carry out with lasers, this kind of as therapy for herpetic lesions or aphthous ulcers and desensitization.

Herpetic lesions

Utilizing lasers to arrest herpetic lesions is one particular of the greatest apply builders we can have. Of training course, the very best time to take care of a herpetic lesion is from its onset, but that doesn’t often operate within just our patients’ schedules. I may well see my client at any phase of the lesion: from the time the affected individual feels tissue tightness and soreness, to the time the lesion blisters and ulcerates, or as it heals. By putting laser electricity into these lesions, pain is eliminated pretty much quickly, allowing for the area to recover promptly. Usually, instead of the location taking 10-14 days to take care of, it typically heals in 3 to five times.

Cure system for herpetic lesions

To treat these locations, I commence with a really low laser electrical power location of .3W and hover about 2 mm above the lesion. I go the laser in a cross-hatching movement around the lesion with out touching it. Shift the laser strength horizontally and then vertically to cover the entire location. I abide by with a electricity placing of .5W, moving on to .7W, and then ending up with .9W and 1.0W. Use a cross-hatching motion in all these cases.

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The size of time necessary to address herpetic lesions will depend on the sizing of spot. For illustration, a modest lesion could only choose 20 seconds for each location, whereas a greater location might need 60 seconds per setting.

Remember that you are not lasering off the lesion itself it will look the identical as it did when you begun the treatment due to the fact you’re only arresting the spot. Even so, healing will get started quickly. To finish the technique, I location vitamin E around the lesion.

Notify your client that herpetic lesions are really contagious and that they need to make sure not to touch the area. Inform them to take care when making use of lipstick, lip gloss, and makeup so they never unfold the lesion to other spots.

When utilizing the laser on an aphthous ulcer, the options are the similar. The suffering from the ulcer will be removed, and the spot will mend rapidly.


Lasers can also be employed for desensitizing. A lot of individuals have economic downturn close to the gumline, producing their teeth sensitive. We

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