2022 Holiday gift guides – Gifts for health and fitness fanatics!

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ARTICLE – I’m sure you have at least one person on your gift buying list that is serious about their health and fitness. These gift ideas are for them!

LesMills SMARTBAR weight set

The SMARTBAR weight set from LesMills is an exciting new take on fitness equipment that makes it easier than ever to make your workouts faster and more efficient. This high-quality home gym equipment is designed to make it much easier to switch out weight plates with almost zero effort. Forget about hard-to-manage clips, the SMARTBAR plates snap into the gator ends securely and can then be released just as easily without any separate parts to drop or lose. The gator ends also rotate while you’re lifting to make your workouts smoother and with less strain on your wrists. This set comes with 3 pairs of cast iron core plates (2.2, 5.5, and 11lb) that can even be used as hand weights for a full-body workout because they have built-in grips in the center and edges. The square shape of the plates also means that they won’t roll away when they are clipped to the barbell. I think this set is awesome and have been using it regularly for my own workouts. It’s an extremely well-made set and I love how easy it is to switch out the plates.
Price: $479.99
Where to buy: Lesmills and Amazon

Walk-i-Task treadmill desk

WALK-i-TASK is the perfect gift to help those who are looking to incinerate calories by moving their body while working from home. WALK-i-TASK is a height-adjustable desk that easily attaches to your home treadmill. This treadmill desk attachment provides a convenient way to eliminate sedentary lifestyles and get steps in while on boring Zoom calls, streaming TV shows, or even reading.

If your loved one values their health and wellness, WALK-i-TASK is the perfect solution. Key product features include:

  • Height Adjustable For Optimal Comfort
  • Attaches & Detaches To Transition From Walking to Running
  • Fits Most Treadmill Brands & Models (including NordicTrack, Sole etc)
  • Strong & Durable Workspace (top and bottom platform)
  • No Assembly Required

Read: Customer reviews
Original Price: $239.99
Discounted Price: $189.99 ( Save $50 when you use the code: GADGETEER50 )
Where To Buy: walkitask.com and Etsy

California Cowboy Wagyu fleece jogger sweatpants and shirts

No, these fleece sweats are not made out of meat! But boy oh boy are they soft. You’ll want to sleep in them just as much as you’ll want to work out in them. These sweatpants and shirts are proudly made in the USA and feature a blend of 94% bamboo and 6% spandex. The pants and shirts are unisex and feature cuffs that won’t wear out like cheap sweats always seem to do. Available in Heather Grey, Pacific Blue, and Burgundy, they are available in sizes from XS up

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Health and health and fitness authorities from Flex Charm give ideas for healthier feeding on this holiday getaway period

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Prior to you get to for that next slice of Xmas cake, you may well want to feel about this: dieticians say the common particular person gains a little additional than a person pound around the vacations, which may not audio like much, but that overindulgence could choose a toll on your body, specifically your digestive procedure.

When in doubt, insert colour to your plate and sip smarter. People are just two means anyone can have a balanced technique to balanced feeding on through the approaching festivities.

“A lot of persons are truly thrilled about the vacations, and all they can feel about is the food,” Trista Eason, proprietor of Flex Charm, stated.

Far more jingle, less jiggle, but how can you carry out that with so a lot of hot vacation dishes at the dinning home desk? Eason believes it is all about moderation.

“Yes, it is all right to love vacation foods,” Eason stated. “It’s some thing that will come about after a calendar year you’re seeking ahead to your grandma’s pie.”

Member of the Flex Enchantment workforce and nutritionist Chase Wolf explained when you do appreciate individuals favorites, also test to load up on the excellent stuff – like vegetables – as properly.

“We endorse a palmful of protein at every food for women, cup of carbs, a fistful of veggies, a thumb-full of body fat,” Wolf stated. “That’s a person of all those matters where no subject where by you go, you constantly have your palms with you, so you can kind of estimate, ‘Am I hitting a balanced meal?”

Following you end having, you really don’t have to just sit close to.

“What you wanna do is not graze all day,” Eason said. “Go in advance and put the food up when you are accomplished feeding on make absolutely sure you nevertheless consume frequent meals – breakfast lunch, dinner, in among the foods just get outdoors and enjoy.”

Performing people issues, like likely for a wander with the loved ones or just just giving you a stopping stage when you’re comprehensive, can be valuable way too.

“Recognizing when you are comprehensive, generating confident you’re actually ingesting water all over the day, a palmful of protein for each individual food, trying to concentrate on finding some vegetables in due to the fact just for the reason that it is a getaway, doesn’t mean we have to neglect other locations of our wellness,” Wolf stated.

“And the weather’s gonna be good this weekend, so getting exterior and taking part in is really heading to be superior for your wellness, and it’s gonna enable you not come to feel so bloated and yucky and make a lot more area for far more foods later on,” Eason mentioned.

Taking in healthful for the holidays can be tough,

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How to avoid packing on the holiday pounds | Health & Fitness

With the holiday season already in full swing, temptations are aplenty in the form of good food and bad weather keeping people from being active outdoors.


Linda Blount-Jacobs works out at Powerhouse Gym Columbus in Columbus, Ohio.

The fear of holiday weight gain fueled by more food and less activity is one that has persisted for years, experts say.

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How to ditch the ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality for a healthier holiday

There is often an “all-or-nothing” way of thinking that comes with developing a health and fitness and health and fitness program. A lot of men and women believe that to stay a more healthy life style they have to soar in with each toes and wholly remove unhealthy behaviors. In reality, this is pretty unsustainable. Not to mention, any compact favourable transform can boost your overall health — so why put on your own via the torture of an “all-or-nothing” mentality when getting gradual methods can consequence in constant development?

This is especially significant to continue to keep in mind about the vacations when it is even harder to adhere to a regimen and we are surrounded by temptations. If you typically throw healthy behaviors out the window fully, vowing to decide them again up in January, it’s a good indicator that you tumble target to this “all-or-nothing” mentality.

I’ve created a a few-stage strategy to enable you ditch this perspective and shift your state of mind. These strategies will assist you create a a great deal much more sustainable technique to building your health and fitness a priority, specially for the duration of the vacations.

Focus on a handful of compact adjustments and then appreciate the year

Dwelling an “all do the job no play” way of life leads to burnout. Although it is important to prioritize your physical health, it’s also crucial to do what can make you satisfied. That signifies however savoring the foodstuff you appreciate — in moderation, of training course! Never slash out the espresso that you enjoy in the morning, the deal with you seem ahead to for dessert or your mom’s famed vacation cookies. Just check out to retain a nutritious stability.

If that implies concentrating additional on your physical workouts and a lot less on your eating plan one week, that is okay. Other weeks, the opposite may work. Having one particular demanding plan that you stick to each and every one day can really be a roadblock to your plans, because as soon as you get off track, the urge to give up is sturdy.

I was working with 1 of my body weight-decline customers on her emotional feeding on. We merely targeted on adding in nutritious foodstuff, like proteins, fruits and greens, and she recognized that the psychological taking in subsided. Imagine how she would have felt if instead, we established a rule that she could not have any convenience meals at all? The deprivation would nearly unquestionably lead her to binge and then come to feel guilty. This is a key instance of how focusing on tiny, favourable improvements — and ditching the “all-or-nothing at all” mentality — can have a massive effects.

Cultivate beneficial self-speak — and know that it normally takes apply

We are typically our possess worst critic and it’s even additional frequent to get down on your self when you set strict rules and experience like you are failing at adhering to them. Which

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