What Are Shoulder Holsters For?

A shoulder holster is a holster for your gun that carries the weapon over the shoulder. Usually, it comes with a retention strap and a thumb break. Some shoulder rigs are minimalistic, utilizing only one strap around the opposite shoulder. Most modern shoulder harnesses are symmetrically attached to the wearer’s belt.

Easy to carry

Shoulder holsters are excellent choices for concealed carry. They make it easy to carry your handgun without digging into your waist while walking or sitting down. They also balance the weight of your handgun and ammunition so you don’t feel it digging into your body when entering or exiting a vehicle. There are many different kinds of shoulder gun holster available on the market.

The primary disadvantage of shoulder holsters is that they requires two hands to draw the firearm. This complicates wearing one when the weather is hot. Additionally, shoulder holsters aren’t recommended for live-fire practice. Therefore, most firearm schools, shooting ranges, and competitions do not allow their use. In addition, shoulder holsters are costly and often overpriced.


One question you may be asking yourself is whether or not you can get a cost-effective shoulder holster for your gun. The upfront cost can be substantial, but remember that a holster is only as good as its components. Some models can even last as long as the gun you plan to carry in them. Moreover, cost-effective shoulder holsters do not necessarily mean sacrificing comfort.

Shoulder holsters are generally characterized by their comfort level. Compared to the other options, they are a good fit for people who use them to carry their firearms while driving. The main advantage of shoulder holsters is that they allow for easy access to the gun, even while seated in a car. Additionally, they keep the firearm out of the way and prevent the muzzle from sweeping across the target.

they conceal your weapon

Shoulder holsters are an excellent way to conceal your weapon while on the go. These holsters are designed to ride close to the body and allow you to adjust it to your desired fit. For full-size guns, slim slides are essential for optimal concealment. However, you should also keep in mind the size of your weapon, as a larger gun will not fit into a slim blazer.

Shoulder holsters are also convenient for people who usually wear jackets or coats. The gun is concealed under the armpit, and a spare magazine can be set up on the other side of the body. In addition, this holster allows you to carry additional accessories such as magazines and flashlights. They are also less visible than belt holsters, so you can take them off without revealing your weapon.

they integrate into your gun’s harness

Shoulder holsters integrate into your gun’s harness and offer a safe way to carry a weapon. You can even conceal a pistol in a shoulder holster and wear it on your hip. To make this possible, you should get a pronged punch and place it on the leather. This will make it easier to sew the top insert in place.

Unlike slings, shoulder holsters are designed to fit into your gun’s harness. The holster sits vertically and is quickly drawn from the holster with a thumb strap. Some even feature magazine pouches and tie-downs.

they can be adjusted for different body sizes

If you are concerned about your comfort while carrying your handgun, you might be interested in shoulder holsters. These holsters are designed to fit over your shoulder, so you can easily access the weapon without removing your clothing. They should also be adjustable so that they can fit different body sizes. However, be careful when buying a shoulder holster. Some of them flip over, making it uncomfortable to wear.

Shoulder holsters can be adjusted to fit various body sizes, from small to large. The most comfortable types have leather straps. The harness should be adjustable and barely feel on your body. If you have a large chest, you should get an extra-width holster. Adjustable shoulder holsters are a big plus for many people. When purchasing one, make sure to check the dimensions first.

they can be used with a dual magazine pouch

Shoulder holsters are often the best option for concealed carry, especially when paired with a dual magazine pouch. A shoulder holster points the weapon to the shooter’s side, which can be dangerous because a misfire could be lethal to the person on the other side. However, shoulder holsters are not recommended for sports shooting or range use, as the weapon may accidentally be fired.

A double magazine pouch is a popular option for concealment and a great way to carry spare ammo or magazines. These holsters allow you to take two magazines in the same pocket and are often called “dual magazine pouches.” Some should have a belt tie-down strap that helps stabilize the rig, and some come with adjustable retention screws.

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