You Never In fact Have to have a Knife to Lower Cake

You Never In fact Have to have a Knife to Lower Cake

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It can be a tale as outdated as baking: You have a lovely cake in front of you, but at the time you really reduce up some slices to get pleasure from, the knife accumulates gobs of icing and smears the fragile piping. But there’s a surprisingly powerful way you can reduce the cake although preserving its attractiveness. Just put down the knife and grab some dental floss as a substitute.

A spool of dental floss tucks effortlessly into a kitchen or desk drawer, or a work bag, and it is constantly at the prepared. I not too long ago tested five styles of dental floss to reduce a few forms of cake. The final result: some of the cleanest slices that would make any specialist bakery very pleased. I’m not kidding. This system operates fantastically properly, and it truly is shockingly quick to do. 

The only drawback: Employing floss may perhaps not be the most sophisticated way to lower cake slices and you could get icing on your fingers. But the effects are well worth it. This is how to slice your cake with floss, which sort of floss functions very best and some pitfalls you should really completely steer clear of. For extra neat tips, here is how to make distilled h2o for cost-free and how to quit junk mail for superior.

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Why use dental floss to cut a cake?

There might be a number of explanations you reach for the dental floss instead of a knife for chopping cake. Maybe you might be in the office or at a birthday occasion in the park and the only offered reducing utensil is a 6-inch compostable knife. Perhaps you are tired of buttercream buildup and want to check out one thing new. One colleague saved the working day at a celebration when a giant dice cake appeared at a bar that didn’t have utensils for visitors to use. The good thing is, the container of floss she had on hand did the work.

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Here’s why it works: A strand of floss is typically thinner than the typical kitchen area knife blade, and it is really designed to slide easily by tight areas (that is, between your enamel). If you’ve at any time flossed way too aggressively, sore gums are all the evidence you require that the floss “edge” can be sharp. 

Insert them alongside one another and you have a really best instrument that can get you neat, cleanse slices right after slicing. Although slicing through a single cake, I could hardly see wherever the floss sliced by means of the frosting mainly because the cuts have been so neat. 

In my working experience, working with dental floss to reduce cake also did a far better career of preserving the sensitive decorations. For occasion, the carrot cake I utilized for this check had a piped carrot style and design on top rated of the cake. Slicing by way of it with the floss saved that design and style intact. In my knowledge, applying a butcher knife to cut via decorations generally spoils the look, leaving a smeared style — but it is dependent on the sharpness, width and size of the knife blade.

And that trouble of accrued frosting on the edge of the knife? Largely absent — with the exception of buildup on your fingers.

cake cut with floss

Pro suggestion: Slide the floss via the base of the cake for a cleaner minimize.

Katie Teague/CNET

How to slice any cake employing dental floss

First, make sure your cake is on a flat floor so you have home to pull the floss all the way to the cake’s bottom. You could put it on a cake stand to give you additional home as you slice down. Following, spool out a duration of floss greater than the widest aspect of the cake. I remaining many inches on every single end to wrap the floss close to my fingers comfortably. When you wrap the floss close to your fingers, will not make it tremendous limited: You might be trying to slice cake, not your fingers. 

If you’re attempting to make every single slice the very same sizing, you could want to use the floss to lightly mark information lines before chopping by way of the cake. 

All set? Here is what to do.

Sq. or rectangular cake: If the cake is shaped like a sq. or rectangle, it might be less difficult to slash for the reason that all those cakes are generally shorter than spherical cakes. Working with your floss, make your cuts across the cake lengthwise, urgent firmly into the cake to reduce all the way by way of. Now make your cuts widthwise, slicing to the base of the cake. 

Round cake: If your cake is formed like a circle, it is quite possibly a layer cake so you might need to implement a little bit much more force to make it all the way to the bottom of the cake. Making use of your floss, firmly slice via the middle of the cake to develop two halves — you may perhaps want to move the floss in a sawing movement to thoroughly slash it. 

Then, make a perpendicular slice to the just one you just built — you ought to now have 4 triangles. Keep on creating cuts, shifting about the cake, right up until you have the variety of slices you require. Take note that the thinner you want your slices, the more challenging it will be to reduce for the reason that the slices get started falling apart.

cake cut with floss

Floss is improved for reducing thinner slices of cake.

Katie Teague/CNET

Can you also use dental floss to serve cake slices?

To see if it was attainable, I tried to pick up a slice of cake with floss. It was tricky and variety of worked, but the floss bit by bit reduce through the spongy texture as I attempted to get rid of the slice. I advise applying a fork or serving knife to provide slices to a plate, instead.

My pro tip for cutting cake with floss

When you might be building cuts, the moment you have sliced to the base, really don’t pull the floss back up. To start with, doing that will make your floss messier, which usually means you may require to get a new strand each time you make a slice. But extra significant, pulling the slice again up brings crumbs to the leading of your cake and pulls up a bit of the frosting much too, so you do not get the cleanse, tidy glimpse you happen to be following. 

In its place, the moment you have sliced all the way as a result of to the bottom of the cake, let go of a person conclusion and pull the floss out. Most of the icing and crumbs on the floss will be swept off as you slip the floss out, and you’ll be remaining with a clean up strand that you can reuse to cut the up coming slice. 

Here’s in which the floss didn’t do its career

When slicing the more substantial cakes, I noticed the floss in some cases didn’t conveniently lower all the way to the bottom, possibly for the reason that of the increased resistance. If this happens to you, I propose chopping the cake in 50 % initial and then doing the job with every single fifty percent so there’s less cake — and resistance — to cut as a result of. It could also support to put the cake on a stand to assist you slice all the way by.

A further notice: If you happen to be baking a cake at house, this system will not likely perform except you clear away the cake from the baking dish or cake pan initially. 

Nice even slices of carrot cake

Wonderful even slices of cake.

Katie Teague/CNET

Which style of floss labored finest

For my checks, I employed waxed floss from Kroger, two sorts from Oral-B Glide (a person mint flavored, the other unflavored), and two types from CVS’ keep brand name: a thicker, waxed dental tape and a standard, unwaxed floss. I tried the floss varieties on 3 cakes: A layer carrot cake that contains bits of grated carrot, a person taller and lighter texture sheet cake, and a single shorter and denser sheet cake (nearly like brownies).

All the floss labored wonderful and created neat cuts, even with the bits of carrot from the additional textured sample cake. The Glide primary floss sliced through the cakes a little bit easier than the Kroger waxed floss. I assume it can be mainly because the Glide floss felt smoother to the contact and actually did glide through the cake. 

Inspite of my getting worried that it would snag, the unwaxed floss worked remarkably perfectly and made neat slices.

The only 1 that smeared a little bit when earning a reduce was the dental tape — which appears a lot more like a ribbon than a thread of nylon floss. It made a cleanse slice, though, and I would use it in a pinch. 

Flavored vs. unflavored floss: Will it alter the taste of your cake?

I was worried about whether using flavored floss would also transfer taste to the cake slices, but we slash parts of a chocolate sheet cake employing mint-flavored floss and none of the 4 taste-testers could detect a minty taste. To be harmless, I might adhere with plain, unflavored floss if you can, and steer absent from cinnamon or coconut or bubblegum flavors. 

So the future time you might be chopping cake, arrive at for the dental floss or something similar — like fishing line, stitching string or a slim wire. 

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